"I believe in the power of laughter and tears as an antidote to hatred and terror"

- Charlie Chaplin

Alexandra voicu

Film can be like a trusty friend. We all have those films we turn to when we are sad, or when we are happy, or those films that changed our lives, or impacted us so significantly, that we want everyone we know to watch them. There is such great power in art, specifically in film. Films can whisk us away, take us to different worlds, real or fantasy, and they can also define our own world and reality for us to better understand ourselves and those around us. It's a beautiful thing. Whether it is a light, goofy comedy at the end of the work day to unwind, or a romantic heartbreak movie to help us get through a breakup, to believe in love again, or a thought provoking, worldview shattering, talk about it for the rest of your life kind of film; there is something for everybody, for any occasion. This is why I love acting, why I love film. There is a potion for any occasion.

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